About Dr. Leah

Dr. Leah Antoniewicz is a Board-certified OB/GYN with 20 years of experience. Most of her career has been spent in academic medicine where she won multiple awards in teaching, leadership, and research. Like many doctors, she’s become disenchanted with our medical system, often feeling like she’s putting a band-aid on an illness that was completely preventable.

After pursuing additional training, she’s living her dream of preventing and curing illness by integrating physical, mental and spiritual care. Her midlife patients will be unencumbered by the time constraints and limited therapies of corporate sick care.

I’m from a farming and ranching town of 3,000 people, where I learned how to drive a combine tractor (harvest wheat and cotton), milk cows (not fun), and source my own food. This small town also afforded me the opportunity to become well-rounded by competing in a plethora of activities, including scholastics, sports, and music. In other words, I bet we can find something in common.

Educating others on how to prevent and treat illness is one of my favorite things to do! Having grown up on a Mediterranean diet and with Indigenous home remedies, in addition to formal nutrition education, I can teach you how food and plants act as medicine.

While working my way through college, I went to donate plasma for $17 dollars. One day, however, I was turned away because I had become anemic. This was the result of subsisting off cheap, processed food. After the iron supplements failed, I read books about the hormonal effects of food and how nutrients are best absorbed. Changing the types and ratios of food I ate, resolved my anemia and sky-rocketed my energy.

11 years ago, I rescued an emaciated puppy that I thought was a French Bulldog. After the 3rd vet visit for mange, I asked what kind of dog she was. They exasperatedly stated, “She’s a Pit!” My jaw must have hit the floor, because the vet then consoled me with, “Don’t worry, they are great dogs.” The vet was wrong. She is the greatest dog and far better than having a child! She loves me unconditionally and never asks for money.

On a recent mission trip to Guatemala, I was taught the difference between “hen” (gallina) and chicken (pollo). I was told by the driver that “Pollo is what they serve Americans at KFC. We don’t eat that in Guatemala.”

Intermittent fasting has healed my old sports injuries and fatty liver.

In my free time, I enjoy activities with friends, mentoring young adults, growing / propagating plants, painting old furniture, and time with my Pit.

Things I’m learning: belly dancing, nailing a handstand in yoga, more Spanish.