Practice Philosophy

At CMWC, we are changing the process of medical care delivery, with the personal belief that you deserve more than traditional medical offices offer, and that insurance companies and drug companies support.

You deserve the most highly trained and experienced physicians and support teams, with adequate time dedicated to your care, putting you first, deeply listening to and focusing only on you during your scheduled time.

You deserve to be seen on time and to leave on time, since your time is as precious and valuable as ours.

You deserve to have access to the highest quality and most up-to-date treatments, regardless of your insurance plan.

You deserve to have a healthcare team that evaluates you holistically, including your physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, and relational health.

You deserve to put yourself first, to place value in your own health and life journey, and to have a support team to help you on your path to wellness and full aliveness, so you can be of more service to yourself and others.

You deserve no insurance and billing hassles; straightforward hourly billing.

You deserve to be seen in a beautiful, comfortable and tastefully decorated office, catering to the mature woman.

Mission statement

We are a passionate team of healthcare providers, committed to guiding women in midlife to blossom into their fullest potential.

We saw a gap in care for women in midlife and wanted something better.

Specializing only in midlife wellness, we seek to help women achieve physical, hormonal, sexual, relational and spiritual wellness.

We work width the deep wish for each of us to find connection, intimacy and fulfillment within ourselves and our relationships.

We elevate the standard of healthcare by providing compassionate, educated, attentive, innovative care at every point of contact, inspiring lasting transformation and holistic wellness.

You deserve to be treated like a princess; you were born worthy and deserve to be fully seen and heard.

Confidence and presence are sexy, regardless of age.

The second half of life is a time of optimism and opportunity.

The best version of yourself is already there, ready to be discovered.

Wellness is more than your numbers. It’s your body, mind and spirit, optimally operating together to serve your best life.