Holistic Medical Weight Optimization Program

Holistic Medical Weight Optimization Program

Introducing our new medically managed, 12-week comprehensive weight management program. No more failed New year’s resolutions! This program is recommended for anyone who has 15-50 pounds to lose, or more than 10% body fat to lose based on body composition.

Gaining fat (especially around the middle) is the #1 complaint that we hear in our office in midlife. It happens to almost every woman (and most men) as a result of a complex combination of hormonal and lifestyle changes, but the good news is it CAN be reversed.

So what can we do about this situation, which often leaves us feeling scared, frustrated and out of control? When we keep trying things that used to work and see no results, we can feel defeated and often give up. Our friends, family and even our doctors may tell us “this is just the way it is,” but the truth is that YOU CAN lose the weight and be healthy, self-confident, strong, and improve your longevity and quality of life. It seems that our hormones are fighting against us to keep us fat, and in fact they are, but this can all be addressed with modern science to help you to succeed in your goals.

Did you know that the one thing that humans living to 100-years old have most in common is low body fat? To live a long and healthy second half of life, our goal is to help women maintain a body fat of 20-30%, and for men 10-20%, and YOU CAN DO IT! We can help you, along with our trusted InBody body composition machine.

This is much more complex than simply calories in/calories out. If it were that simple, we would all be successful already! We succeed together by using a combination of healthy nutrition (yes, you can eat, we will not make you starve, and you can eat grocery store foods), manageable exercise, hormone optimization, as well as the latest FDA-approved medications which help to lower insulin, decrease appetite and shrink fat cells.

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Our Six Pillars for Success


No one likes to be on a “diet,” which to me sounds scary and restrictive. Thinking about consuming the ideal nutrition to meet your goals feels more positive, and therefore is more likely to succeed. Most of our patients could write a book on good nutrition, so the problem is rarely education, but more motivation.

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Notice that I didn’t use the word “exercise” which generates fear and anxiety for many people. We all know that movement burns calories and builds muscle and is a vital part of your journey. Are you willing to commit to a minimum of 30-minutes of movement five-days a week?

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Multiple hormone changes occur in midlife that can cause us to gain weight. Insulin resistance (a common change that happens with aging) elevates our insulin, which is a fat-storing hormone.

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Our mindset can make or break any commitment, and nowhere is this truer than with weight loss. Perhaps you have tried and “failed” multiple times and truly don’t believe that you can succeed.

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We use a combination of Semaglutide (weekly injection) and Lipo C (twice-monthly injection) which are scientifically-proven to assist with weight loss.

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Accountability / Support

This is a 12-week program, and making that commitment upfront dramatically improves your chances of success.

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What To Expect On Your Three-Month Weight Loss Journey

Step 1: Pre-visit lab draw (may be run through your insurance) to assess hormones and general wellness, including diabetes and lipid screening.

Step 2: Initial one-hour consultation to evaluate your hormonal status, general wellness labs, body composition, goals and nutrition plan. Based on your personal needs, we will recommend the latest and safest hormonal support, weight-loss medications and supplements to help you to succeed and will design a nutrition and movement plan that will work with your lifestyle. With your permission, we recommend starting with BEFORE pictures and taking pictures every two-weeks to document your success. A Lipo-C injection will be given at every visit (total of 7)

Step 3: 30-minute check in every two-weeks for six visits – includes body composition, review of nutrition, movement, medications and supplements, and Lipo-C injection

Step 4: If our journey continues past 12 weeks, 30-minute check in every two to four-weeks as needed until we reach your goal.

Step 5: Access to TruSculpt Flex® whenever you want it for 12-weeks (up to twice a week, so we don’t damage your muscles) for a hugely discounted price.

Investment in Yourself

Especially if you struggle with strength training.

What’s Included?

  • Initial one-hour consultation and evaluation: with Dr. Susan $400 or with Brandi or Hollie $200.
  • Six bi-weekly 30-minute check-in visits with Brandi or Hollie $600 total.
  • 3-month supply of Semaglutide $750.
  • Lipo-C injection at every visit (7 total) $250.
  • Total 12-week investment: $1800-2000 depending on initial provider choice (does not including labs, supplements, hormones, or additional visits).
  • Email access to our clinical team at any time if you have questions or need help.
  • While the weight loss program is a 12-week commitment, we understand you might need time to gather information and decide. Feel free to schedule the initial consultation and see how it feels, then if you commit to the program, we will deduct that fee from the program cost.
  • Consider this incredible add-on, especially TruSculpt you struggle with strength training! For our weight loss patients only, we are offering unlimited TruSculpt Flex for one body part (up to twice a week for 12 weeks) for the massively discounted price of $1500. And if you want to add a second body part at the same time, the additional cost is only $500. Individual treatments are $150 each- you could use up to 24 treatments- so this is a HUGE savings. Even if you only used half that many, it would still be a big savings.

Think about this: How much would you pay if I could guarantee that you will reach your goal weight and learn the habits that will allow you to stay there for the rest of your life? Here’s the truth: if you follow this plan, which is 100% within your control (meaning you CAN do it, you are in the driver’s seat), you WILL be successful. You are worth it. Think about the other things that you invest money in. What better to invest in than your own health, longevity and quality of life!

Learn about Semaglutide

Semaglutide is a weekly FDA approved injection (also known by other names including Ozempic or Wegovy) which has been studied and proven to help with weight loss. While initially developed to treat diabetes, it was shown to also help non-diabetic patients lose weight. Semaglutide is in the class of “GLP-1 agonists.” GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide) is a hormone produced by the small intestine after eating. It has several effects, including delaying gastric (stomach) emptying, which suppresses appetite, makes us feel full earlier, and reduces food cravings. It also increases insulin release from the pancreas and lowers liver glucose output, as well as reducing neuropeptide-Y, a brain neurotransmitter that is related to appetite and cravings.

Patients start on a low dose for the first month and increase the dose every two to four weeks to reduce side effects. The most common side-effects are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and lack of appetite, but with slowly increasing doses these symptoms can be minimized.

Unfortunately, this is a very expensive drug ($1500 or more per month from a regular pharmacy) which is only covered by insurance for some diabetic patients or those with multiple risk factors. We can source generic Semaglutide though our trusted compounding pharmacy for a dramatically lower price of $250 a month.

Semaglutide dose instructions:

Semaglutide dosing starts low to minimize side-effects and is gradually increased from 0.25mg weekly to a maximum of 2.5 mg weekly. 

It is very important to measure accurately and do not increase the dosing faster than recommended. You must be seen every two weeks if you are using Semaglutide so that we can monitor side-effects and plan dosage increases.

  • Weeks 1-4: start with the 2 mg/ml small vial. Inject 0.125 ml (0.25 mg dose) weekly for 2 weeks; increase to 0.25 ml (0.5 mg dose) week 3-4 if side effects allow. 
  • Weeks 5-8: Continue 0.25 ml weekly (0.5 mg dose); increase to 0.5 ml (1 mg dose) weekly if side-effects allow. 
  • Weeks 9-12: Change to 5mg/ml large vial.

This is a more concentrated vial, so you will get more medication with a lower volume injection.

Start with 0.2 ml weekly (1 mg dose). Increase to 0.4 ml weekly (2 mg dose) as side-effects allow.

Beyond week 12, you may increase to 0.5 ml (2.5 mg dose) as side effects allow. At this maximum dose, the large vial will last four-weeks. 

Learn about Prolon

To get you started and see immediate results, we suggest starting your journey with a five-day “fasting mimicking” nutrition plan, which is also sometimes called “fasting with food.”

Prolon is a five-day meal program including plant-based energy bars, soups, snacks and supplements that have been proven to accelerate fat loss in multiple studies.

The five-day system is $225 directly from our office. Prolon is vegan, gluten free and lactose free.

Learn about Lipo-C Injections

Lipotropic injections are growing in popularity, thanks to their positive effects on weight loss.

They’re a fantastic tool to accompany a healthy diet and movement regimen.

Even though they don’t directly cause weight loss, they can indirectly boost it by speeding up the fat-burning process in your body.

Lipo-C injections consist of:

  • MIC (a combination of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), which are all lipotropic nutrients. They decrease fat deposits and speed up metabolism, therefore enhancing the healthy liver. Methionine is an essential amino acid, and it is involved in the breakdown of fat. It is also an antioxidant, and it protects your body from free radicals. It also promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails. Since your body cannot produce it, you can take it in the form of supplements, injections, or methionine-rich foods. Choline, on the other hand, is a lipotropic amino acid. It can lower cholesterol deposits by breaking down accumulated fats in the liver. Choline can also improve your mental performance and enhance cerebrovascular blood flow. Lastly, Inositol works at a cellular level and aids fat metabolism and nerve transmission. 
  • L-Carnitine is essentially an amino acid that helps your body turn fat into energy, and it can also increase endurance and muscle recovery during workouts.
  • B Vitamin complex can help your body handle stress, increase your energy, and optimize cardiovascular health. It can also improve brain function and boost antioxidant protection from free radicals