Dr Susan Virtual Coaching

Coaching for Menopause and Midlife Wellness

Our innovative program is dedicated to supporting women through the unique challenges and transitions of midlife and menopause. Understanding that not all individuals are able to seek support in person, we are thrilled to offer Virtual Coaching in Menopause and Midlife Wellness, making our services accessible regardless of geographical barriers.

Designed specifically for women navigating the complexities of midlife and those seeking menopause support, this virtual service provides the guidance and expertise needed to optimize wellness during this pivotal stage of life. Our program blends the convenience of remote access with personalized care and education, creating a powerful tool for transformation and well-being—no matter where you are.

Please note that while our remote services provide comprehensive coaching and education, we are not legally permitted to practice medicine outside of Texas.

Consequently, we cannot prescribe medication or diagnose or treat medical conditions. However, we are completely equipped to guide and counsel you in every non-medical aspect of midlife wellness.

Join us on a virtual platform for a compassionate, informed, and freeing journey into your next phase of life.

Through our Virtual Menopause and Midlife Wellness Coaching, discover the tools and confidence to thrive in your midlife years and beyond.

To get started, simply schedule your first session and step into a brighter, well-informed phase of your wellness journey. We’re here to help you live your best life, at every life stage.

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Key Program Features

Remote Accessible Coaching: We extend our services beyond Texas, offering virtual consultations and coaching to those outside of the state lines.

Menopause and Midlife Insight: Tap into a wealth of knowledge related to menopause management and midlife wellness, including areas such as weight optimization, sexual wellness, and overall health improvements.

Personalized Wellness Planning: Collaborate with specialists to create tailored plans focused on enhancing your life’s second half.

Comprehensive Initial Consultation: The first visit lasts a full hour and is tailored to explore and evaluate your health history, current symptoms, and concerns.

Educational Empowerment: Receive valuable education and insight on possible lifestyle improvements and wellness strategies.

Ongoing Support: Benefit from the option of follow-up sessions aimed at ensuring you are on track and feeling your best.