Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith is Texas’s resident expert in labiaplasty procedures. Regularly named one of Houston’s top gynecologists, she has over 500+ labiaplasty surgeries in her history performed over the past 15 years. At the Complete Midlife Wellness Center in Houston, she consults and offers a surgical solution to women who are bothered by the size, shape, color, or symmetry of their natural labia minora and excess clitoral hood tissue, as well as laxity of the labia majora.

Interested in Labiaplasty?

You’ve come to the right place, or more accurately, the right person. Dr. Susan has devoted her life to ensure that women of all ages and backgrounds take care of their health, physically emotionally and spiritually. After learning that millions of women across the world felt insecure with their labia, she was devoted to changing the way women think and feel about their bodies.

“After I had my twins at age 37,” Dr. Susan says, “I had a large flap of abdominal skin that no amount of exercise or weight loss would reduce. I had to wear special garments and even pick where I went on vacation to avoid having to risk having it fall out of my pants, and I hated looking at myself naked and had sex with the lights off. After 2 years, I had the skin removed with a cosmetic procedure. As a result, I understand how something as simple as excess skin can affect our self-confidence and our daily lives. It may seem vain or unimportant, but to me it brought back so much ease with my body and what I could wear, and where I could go. It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference to daily life, and opens up a world of possibility and confidence.

I think labiaplasty is just like that. Each woman has the right to make decisions about her own body, and I honor that right, whether it’s changing the way a natural body part looks, getting a beautiful tattoo, dying your hair or straightening your teeth. We have the right to do what we choose to feel confident and beautiful on the outside, with a deep knowing that we are all beautiful on the inside.”

Dr. Susan has done hundreds of procedures for hundreds of women from all over the world, and is regarded as one of Houston and Texas’ best when it comes to labiaplasty. She’s devoted countless hundreds of hours to not only mastering the surgery, but understanding how to make women feel more comfortable than ever when undergoing the procedure.

Labiaplasty Before and After Library

Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith is Texas’s resident expert in Labiaplasty procedures and has provided some examples of her Labiaplasty procedures. These photos are meant solely for medicals means, and are only intended for viewing by parties over the ages of 18+ .

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How Your Appointment Works

Prior to surgery, you’ll visit our office for a consultation. This will allow us to discuss your procedure, answer any questions you may have, and understand exactly what you need and why you need it. Consultations take 30 minutes.

Surgery is performed at the Binz surgery center, less than a mile from our Museum District office. This is a top of the line cosmetic surgery center with highly trained Physician anesthesiologists and a seasoned cosmetic surgery support team. Surgery is usually no longer than 2 hours, and can be done with IV sedation. Your outpatient procedure means you can go home the same day, and while you should avoid exercise or strenuous activity for at least two weeks, you’ll be able to start resuming normal daily functions within 2-3 days.

Why Dr. Susan?

  • Consistently voted one of Houston and Texas’ Top Gynecologists, Dr. Susan has a new unique practice, the Complete Midlife Wellness Center, specializing in cosmetic surgeries for women of all ages (many of her labiaplasty patients are teens) as well as other health services for women approaching and at their midlife. This means she’s available to consult, to guide, and to perform the surgery privately and discretely, and to follow up without you having to set foot in a standard OB/GYN office surrounded by pregnant women with long wait times and potential judgement. Her first visit with you usually lasts an hour and in some cases can be done remotely if you live outside of Houston or the USA. This is not something that should be rushed or done by someone who is not a seasoned specialist in female pelvic and genital anatomy.
  • With over 400 procedures, Dr. Susan is one of the state and national leaders in this surgery, and as a woman understands the physical and emotional ramifications that may accompany this type of surgery. Having a kind, understanding, and empathetic female expert in your corner to help you through each stage is something Dr. Susan is proud to offer.
  • Required Pre-Operation and Post-Operation appointments help you have the proper support as needed for each step of your procedure, and to ensure that you are recovering properly following your labiaplasty.
  • A library of before and after pictures, as well as pictures walking you through how the surgery is performed, will help you understand and feel comfortable with what you’re going to go through. You can view these pictures here
View Before and After Photos

“This was the best decision I have made regarding my health! I did research for many years before deciding on labiaplasty and I’m so glad I did it with Dr. Susan.”

“I waited for years to get this procedure done because I was so embarrassed to start this process. When I finally went to see Dr. Susan I was so relieved with how she made me feel.”

“I talked to at least three other surgeons before I chose Dr. Hardwick-Smith and I’m so glad I made that choice. There are many options out there but I am glad I choose Dr. Susan!”

“My only regret with the surgery was that I did not do this 20 years ago! I can now wear clothing items that are tight without issue, exercise without chafing.”

“I had the vaginal tightening done as well as labiaplasty which I have to say completely changed my sex life for the better! Thanks Dr. Susan!”


Surgery is performed at Binz Surgery Center, adjacent to our office at 1801 Binz Street in Houston. This is a top of the line cosmetic surgery center with highly trained Physician anesthesiologists (not anesthesia nurses) and a seasoned cosmetic surgery support team.

Patients receive intravenous IV anesthesia so you are safely asleep and feel no pain. Prior to waking up, we administer a long acting local anesthetic that will keep you pain free for 8-12 hours.

Most patients can go home or to their hotel about 2 hours after the surgery, after urinating and having something to eat and drink. For the first 3 days, it is important to use ice off and on and rest as much as possible to avoid excess swelling from being upright. Immediately after surgery you can shower (no baths for 2 weeks), eat, and then rest. The local anesthetic wears off after about 8-12 hours and narcotic pain medicine may be needed for 2-3 days. Many patients just take Advil or something similar. After 3 days, you are able to drive short distances, fly or walk short distances, but should avoid any strenuous activity for 2 weeks. After our 2 weeks postop visit, most patients can return to normal activities with the exception of intercourse and heavy lighting that strains the muscles. You can resume those activities at the 4-6 week mark depending on your personal healing. If possible, we recommend taking a week off work, unless you have a totally sedentary job.

Most patients take pain medicine for 7-10 days, then complain more of itching and irritation from the stitches rather than pain. Topical lidocaine gel is really helpful for this.

Since the labia minora is just skin and there are no muscles involved in the surgery, and no major blood vessels, the risks are very minimal. Like all surgery, we will go over a detailed consent form at your pre-op visit and we will outline all possible risks, although they are extremely rare.

When done correctly, by a surgeon who is very experienced, absolutely not. It is vital to stay away from the clitoris and surrounding nerves and blood vessels to avoid possible harm. With hundreds of cases, we have NEVER had a patient experience any adverse sexual consequences. We have, however, had MANY patients feel an improvement in their sexual desire and sensation. This is not from the surgery itself, but rather because improved self-confidence is a great way to improve sexual desire and sensation.

Dr. Susan has been focusing on cosmetic gynecology since 2008, performing more than 500 labiaplasty procedures.

No, because all labia minora sizes are within the realm of normal anatomy, and this is not a medically necessary procedure but rather personal choice. Similar to changing the size of your nose or breasts, it is an optional procedure that is not covered by insurance.

Many of our patients are teenagers, and it is good to wait until at least 3 years after the onset of puberty (first period) because things can continue to change. With parental consent, a mature 15 year old may be a good candidate if she has spent at least an hour talking to us about the pros and cons, and the benefits are agreed to outweigh the risk.

Important Points On Labiaplasty

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