Fee Schedule


Simple no hassle fee schedule, $450 per hour/$225 per 30 minutes for consultations, annual wellness experience visit or life coaching, with receipt given for you to submit to your insurance if you desire. Lab and other services are covered in-network with insurance.

***You’re also able to request consultations with our Registered Nurse Practitioners. Their fees are $225/hour for any consultation or annual wellness experience.

Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty – $225 consultation for initial 30 minute evaluation. Surgical pricing based on evaluation of individual patient. The cost is deducted from surgery fees once a surgery is scheduled.

Hormone pellets –  $450 consultation for initial 60-minute evaluation or $225 with a nurse practitioner. Initial Pellet placement for women $500 and for men $700, includes complimentary DIM and phone call to discuss blood levels. Repeat pellet placement every 3-4 months for women $450; every 4.5 months for men $650.

Juliet non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation– Initial 30-minute consult for $225. May be combined with O-shot and local platelet rich plasma for best results. $4500 for 3-month treatment including O-shot and local PRP or $4800 when combined with “Vitti Pure” umbilical cord derived growth factors.

truSculpt® Flex is sold in a package of 8 x 45 minute treatments, recommended interval 1-2 times a week, and should be used within 2 months to achieve desired result
– Single Treatment, $200 per body part (only after series of 8 has been completed)
– 8 x 45 minute treatments for $1500 for one body part (a $1600 value)
– 8 x 45 minute treatments for $2000 for 2 body parts at once (a $3200 value)

Morpheus-8 – A package of three 45 minute treatments (as many body parts as we can safely covered during that time) is $3800 with PRP or Vittipure. If you choose to use neither product (which we do not recommend) the cost of the treatment alone is $3000 for a series of three. The cost includes a 30 minute consultation which is taken off the cost of the package if you choose to continue. Individual treatments are $1000 or $1300 with PRP or Vittipure.

O-Shot – Platelet-rich plasma treatment for improved sexual function. $225 for initial 30-minute consult and $1500 for the procedure, repeat every 6 to 12 months as desired, $1800 when combined with “Vitti Pure” umbilical cord derived growth factors.

Emsella – $225 for initial consult. $1,800 for a package of six 30-minute treatments. $350 for an individual treatment (for patients who have already completed the six 30-minute treatment series and need a refresher).

Holistic Weight Management – Total 12-week investment: $2,200-2,400 depending on initial provider choice (does not including labs, supplements, hormones, or additional visits).

Hair Restoration – CMWC offers the 3-treatment series for $3000, after your initial 30 minute consultation and hormonal evaluation.

Coaching – $400 per one-hour session. A minimum of 3 coaching visits is required for sustained transformation, with recommendation of 10 visits over a 3-month period.

(New Pricing as of January 1, 2023)

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