Morpheus-8 CMWC

Morpheus-8 radio frequency skin tightening is the current best of class treatment for skin tightening, for use on any part of the body including the face and neck.

Morpheus-8 generates heat using radio frequency energy (as opposed to laser) to create intentional, targeted tissue damage with micro-needling from the depths of 1.5 to 4 mm depending on body area.

Making pinpoint holes up to 4 mm deep through our skin and underlying tissue causes our body to react with a flourish of our own growth factors which stimulate collagen and tightens the skin from beneath the surface. Having made microscopic holes through the skin, we can then apply additional growth factors in the form of platelet rich plasma (from your own blood) or umbilical cord derived growth factors (brand-name Vittipure) to further accelerate the healing and collagen synthesis process.

As a natural part of aging, as well as following weight loss or liposuction, we are often bothered by skin laxity in midlife and beyond, and Morpheus-8 has shown incredible results, not only face and neck, but on all body parts.

While the depth of penetration is altered depending on the area we are treating, the results are quite remarkable regardless of body part chosen. Three treatments spaced a month apart is recommended for most patients for optimal results.

This is not a fat disruption/fat removal process, so our recommendation is to have this done after you have reached your weight loss goal, or in certain areas where bothersome skin laxity is reducing your quality of life.

One of the most common complaints that I hear from fit, slim and healthy women over 40 is that we have wrinkly skin above the knees, on our face or under the chin. And for our patients who have lost a significant amount of weight, that same complaint can apply to anywhere in the body.

Before scheduling your Morpheus-8 procedure you will have a 30 minute consultation to discuss which body parts you want to treat and how we can best put these into a package for you to reduce cost and time. If you choose to continue, the cost of the consultation is subtracted from the cost of the package that you decide is best for you. 

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Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

Treatments are most commonly performed on the lower face, neck, abdomen, and thighs. There are, however, no restrictions on the areas of the body that can be treated.

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While you may want to treat your body head to toe, the maximum time recommended for a single treatment is 45 minutes since we need to minimize the use of local anesthetic for safety reasons. The cost of a Morpheus-8 series covers as much of your body as we can treat in 45 minutes (for 3 treatments)- which generally would be face and neck, or inner thighs and knees, or upper and lower abdomen, for example. If you want to have multiple body parts treated we offer 50% off each additional body part, and although each body part would only be treated at four week intervals, we can alternate body parts and treat you every two weeks, thereby covering two body parts in the same 3 month timeframe. In other words- treatment it is flexible and we can create a plan that is unique for you.

Based on your age we will recommend whether your own platelet rich plasma or Vittipure (umbilical cord derived growth factors) will be more likely to generate the best results. In general for patients over 40, Vittipure will contain from 10 to 100 times more growth factors than your own platelet rich plasma, so that will generally be our recommendation. This is placed directly on the tissue immediately after the procedure. If you’re under 40, your own platelet rich plasma can still be very effective, since the number of growth factors in our blood declines with age. At your consultation we will discuss the pros and cons of platelet rich plasma versus Vittipure, or using nothing at all. (Keep in mind that most providers using Morpheus 8 do not have the ability to use platelet rich plasma or Vittipure.)

For areas were tissue is quite thin such as face, neck, chest or hands, we recommend applying a strong topical local anesthetic for 45 minutes prior to the procedure. For tissue with more subcutaneous fat, 30 minutes of local anesthetic is adequate. For patients who have a self described very low pain tolerance we also have nitrous oxide and Valium available (if you have someone to drive you home.) Patients describe the procedure as moderately uncomfortable but not painful. In general the procedure is something that you can drive yourself to and from, and return to normal activities almost immediately. You can expect some superficial discomfort and redness similar to a sunburn for about 7 days. It’s important for treated areas to completely stay out of the sun for at least two weeks after this procedure.

Like all procedures that are based in enhancing collagen production, this procedure does not last forever and may need to be repeated annually. Often when patients require annual touchups one treatment is sufficient. A treatment is $1000 or $1300 with PRP or Vittipure. Of course everybody responds differently, and in some cases more than three treatments maybe optimal in order to get the best results, in which case we will add additional single treatment as needed/desired.