Holistic Medical Weight Optimization Program

Hormones Pillar

Multiple hormone changes occur in midlife that can cause us to gain weight.

Insulin resistance (a common change that happens with aging) elevates our insulin, which is a fat-storing hormone. Cortisol, another fat-storing hormone, also becomes elevated due to stress, sleep deprivation and other factors. Our thyroid gland, which controls our metabolism, often begins to slow in function. Decreasing testosterone lowers energy and muscle mass which in turn causes us to burn fewer calories. Losing energy from all these changes leaves us feeling tired, not wanting to work out, and often craving sugar, alcohol and other “derailers.” And if we have insomnia from lack of estrogen and progesterone, we are too exhausted to exercise, crave sugar and have higher levels of fat-storing cortisol.

We will check all of your hormones, including screening for diabetes, insulin resistance, a full lipid panel and screening for critical vitamins, as well as kidney and liver function before your first visit. Optimizing your hormones is a critical part of your weight-loss journey.

If hormone pellets are recommended, we will delay the start of your 12-week program for two-weeks after the pellet placement, so that we are not introducing too many new things at once. Since some medications have potential side effects, we need to identify any immediately should they occur.